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New York City Panoramas

Considered by many people to be the crossroads of the world, New York City provides photographers and artists a skyline unlike any other. New York City, like the world’s great cities, all have something in common. From history and diversity to unique architectural styles, great cities have great skylines. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France to the House of Commons in London, city skylines have long been a popular subject for professional and amateur photographers alike. Panoramic images of city skylines are even older than photography.

The New York City skyline features not only great skyscrapers, but architectural and historical landmarks found nowhere else in the world. At the entrance to New York harbor, the Statue of Liberty stands as a monument to freedom and tolerance. One need only look east to the southern end of Manhattan Island to see a breathtaking skyline filled with architectural splendor. From the Empire State Building and the United Nations to the Chrysler Building, to the historic Pier 17 District, New York City panoramas are considered by many to be true wonders of the world.

A Brief History of Panoramic Photography

To truly appreciate the beauty of New York City panoramas, it is important to understand some of the history of panoramic photography. Early photographic technology was fraught with both limitations and tremendous potential. Early photographic artists pushed the limits of equipment, technique and their own imaginations. They collectively created work that has stood the test of time both artistically and technologically. The present degree of perfection in photography has been reached after many years of study and innovation.

Photography is a study of light and shadow, and early photographers took advantage of both. Reliance solely on natural light made early photography a laborious and often tedious art form. Electrification of modern cities provided early photographers with the opportunity to explore aspects of modern urban architecture in a whole new light, say to speak. Still, early photographic processes were unreliable and a shot could easily be lost due to mechanical failures and processing errors. In spite of these potential problems, the age of panoramic photography excelled.

Before the introduction of wide angle lenses, panoramic images were put together from individual images. Wide angle photography changed the way panoramas were shot though the use of multiple images continued. The age of digital photography ushered in an entirely new way to stitch images together. Digital photography allows panoramas to be edited pixel by pixel, resulting in an almost perfect and seamless image.

While some purists argue that digitally manipulating photographic images takes away from the art itself, there is no denying that digital photography has taken panoramas to entirely new level of visual acuity. Regardless of the available technology and equipment, it is still the eye and talent of the photographic artist that yields the beauty of city panoramas.

New York City through the Lens

Throughout the Twentieth Century, New York City panoramas have been among the most popular of scenic images. In addition to the striking outlines of famous buildings, the city's bridges add to the unique splendor that is New York City. Marvels of architecture and engineering, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and George Washington Bridge stand out as part of the New York City skyline. The islands that make up New York City proper are also connected by a series of tunnels but it's the bridges that make the New York skyline what it is today.

The city's grand buildings, culture and history make New York one of the worlds great cities and forever a subject of beautiful city panoramas.

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